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Group Leader Information

We are excited to welcome your group to ADVENTURE KIDS MJC. Below is information needed for a successful week of camp. Reach out to us with any questions. Our team is available to help as you prepare to bring your kids to camp. 

ADVENTURE KIDS MJC Summer 2023 Schedule

Psalm 23 mpg

These will be printed and given to groups at check in.
Nature Name Art  Download
Words Only Version Download

Important Dates:

June 15 & July 23

Links to send information to the ADVENTURE KIDS MJC Team

Please read the Church Group Leader Information to meet Riverbend's requirements for group leaders. Links are provided for meeting the June 15 deadline and a list of documents to bring to check in on July 23. 


Church Group Leader Information: 

2023 Church Group Leader Information



Grade Level/TShirt Form – Due 6/15

Adventure Kids Grade/TShirt Form


6th Grade Journey Celebration/Compass Class

 (Email a list of the names of your 6th graders)


People Group Choice (email your top three choices)


Certificate of Liability Insurance– Due 6/15

(Please email to or fax to 254.897.3960


Camper/Leader/LIT Registration on RRC – Due 6/15

Go to

Your camp code for this year is ak2023


Full balance - Due 6/15

 Payable to: TBA WMU

Mail to: Janis Matthews

3709 Colony Club Court

Arlington, Texas 76016


Due at Check-in on 7/23


Each sponsor and LIT 18 years of age and older must have:

Sponsor Certification

Child Abuse Prevention Test or Certificate

These will be returned to you. The CAP test has to be taken every 2 years.


Each church group must have:

Church List (All attending in alphabetical order)

Late Arrivals and Early Departures List (date & time)

Visiting Staff List (date & time)

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