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The Crazy Tie Guy 

The Dazzlin' Dorrell Family

The Dorrell Family Mission: Follow Jesus...while juggling. Following Jesus in every part of life. The "while juggling" is what makes them a little different from most families.  


The Dazzlin' Dorrells BRING GOSPEL FUN and ADVENTURE to camp! God has given them talents to share the Good News with juggling, surprise artwork, stilt walking, unicycling, and the most powerful message to share - the Gospel of Jesus! Nathan and family will lead a daily children's worship experience encouraging kids to begin and grow in the adventure of following Jesus! Kids will see, hear and experience the most powerful message shared in the Dorrell family's unique way! 

Nathan and Kathy have been sharing the gospel with juggling full-time since before they had kids! Now, they have two elementary aged kids, two middle schoolers, one high school kid... and two college aged kids. Together they travel the world sharing Jesus!

The Dazzlin’ Dorrells in age order: Mom and Dad, Graham, Abigail, Joy, Esther, Elijah, Isaac and Joseph.

Adventure Awaits! The Adventure of Following Jesus!

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