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Camp 2023

Experience high quality, age-appropriate worship, missions, Bible study, adventure activities,

and atmosphere for kids.

Theme & Worship

ADVENTURE KIDS Missions Journey Camp kids is passionate about age-appropriate worship music and messages that engage and challenge campers.  Kids will enjoy daily worship together with Crazy Tie Guy & Family. 

This summer's camp will focus on the goodness and love of God!

In Psalm 23, David paints us a picture of a loving Lord. He is a Good Shepherd, giving His sheep everything they need—time to rest, time to eat, time to drink, time to walk, and time to be comforted. The Lord’s goodness is always following the ones He loves. And that goodness and love never stops. It is All Day, Every Day.

And that same love compels us—All Day, Every Day—to live for Christ (2 Corinthians 5:14). Living for Christ changes everything. Because you are a child of God, you see the Lord differently. You also see people differently. So, you desire to be a loving friend. You desire to do good for others. You desire to cheerfully give.

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Bible Study & Missions Discipleship 

One way adults are involved in what happens at camp is leading Bible study for the kids in your group. This allows kids to feel comfortable with discussions, friendships and connection are made and continue at home. The Bible Study will be provided and correlates with the messages delivered daily during worship.  


Missions experiences fill the week helping kids grow in understanding of God's plan for the world and their lives.

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Lodging & Meals

Boys and girls will be housed in separate cabins for the week and share meals together as a church. 

Cabin layout and dining can be viewed on the  Riverbend site.

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