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ADVENTURE KIDS Missions Journey Camp is all about  discipleship, growth, safety, and ADVENTURE!

Sponsored by

Tarrant Baptist Association Children's Missions


ADVENTURE KIDS Missions Journey Camp offers a missions camp for today's kids and church groups. With a tailored blend of missions discipleship and Bible study this camp will capture the hearts and minds of kids in your church. Adventure Kids is designed for all churches, children's ministries, Girls In Action (GA), Royal Ambassadors (RA), Children In Action (CA), and other girls groups and boys groups. 


A blend of missions discipleship and Bible study will lead kids to learn how God worked in the world in the past and how He works today. As kids are introduced to missional concepts, they learn they have an active part to play in God’s plan for their lives and for the world. They come to understand that God can use them now-even as a kid to share His love with others and make a difference. Experiences gained through missions discipleship leads to a lifelong commitment of service to God, His mission, and His church.


All kids love adventure! Adventure and fun opens up kid's hearts to listen to God. Kids will play hard, experience new activities, learn new skills, explore God's creation and have so much fun with friends! 


Our camp provides a blend of discipleship and adventure leading kids to grow mentally, physically, socially and spiritually.

Kids will grow in their relationship with God and others as they spend a week enjoying His creation. 


Our camp offers a safe, quality camping experience designed especially for

1st - 6th grade girls and boys. 

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