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Nature Name Art

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Camp is filled with outdoor activities for you and your kids giving opportunity for fun, adventure and discipleship. Spending a week enjoying God’s creation, kids disconnect from the noise of everyday life. In the quietness kids connect to the truths of God.

This week as you are enjoying outdoor activities take opportunities to talk with your kids about the Creator and His greatest creation. This simple Name Art Activity can help kids think about the Creator and His love for His creation.

After reading Psalm 33:6-9 and Psalm 139:14-17, encourage kids to find sticks, flowers, rocks and other nature items. Kids can break sticks up and create their names using these; You can use leaves/flowers to make some sides of the letter or stick these on top for decoration!

This simple, easy activity helps connect kids to the truths of God

as Creator and that He knows and loves them.

The Nature Name Art Activity can be used as a devotional, free time activity or anytime there is an opportunity during the day.

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